“Game of Thrones” Season 8: Fan Theories for the Final Season

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. All Game of Thrones fans should proceed with caution.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones contained more bloody battles, painful deaths, and complex romance than any season yet. Season 7 has been really good to its fans, but what might in the final season? Here’s what might happen when the series comes back in late 2018.

8. Melisandre Will Bring Viserion Back To Life
The Night King killing Viserion (only to later turn him into the first White Walker dragon) was easily the most crushing death in all of GOT’s season 7. The Mother of Dragons was obviously heartbroken when Viserion died, but there still might be a chance of a reunion between the mother and son. One reddit user has a theory that Viserion may remember its mother… with the help from Melisandre.

7. Jon Snow Will Finally Find Out He’s A Targatyen
It’s no secret that Jon Snow is a Targaryen, the son of Daenerys’s older brother, Rhaegar, and Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna. Bran Stark discovers this in the Season 6 finale, when he witnesses Jon’s birth and Lyanna’s death as the Three-Eyed Raven. In Season 7 Episode 3, Bran tells Sansa he needs to talk to Jon. Jon and Bran weren’t yet reunited in the Season 7 finale, but their paths will almost certainly cross in Season 8, and the truth will be revealed, maybe.

6. Arya Will Become Lady Stoneheart
Lady Stoneheart is a revived zombie version of Lady Catelyn Stark, and while it seems unlikely Catelyn will ever return to the show, some fans have come up with the theory that Catelyn’s ASOIAF storyline could be passed on to one of her daughters. Sansa is a likely candidate because she is now safe to get revenge on all who have crossed her.

But Reddit’s soccerperson thinks it’s much more likely that a skilled mercenary like Arya would become a figure like Lady Stoneheart. Though Arya doesn’t necessarily need to be dead to become a Lady Stoneheart-like figure, a Marie Claire interview with director Alan Taylor hinted that one of the Stark sisters is going to die soon, making the theory that much more possible.

5. Yara Will Ask Theon To Kill Her
It was heartbreaking when Euron held Yara off with a knife aboard the Greyjoy and Theon left instead of helping her out. If you remember in the season 7 finale, Theon redeemed himself with the aid of the Drowned God, so he might go after his sister and try to rescue her. Of course, one reddit user things Euron could be subjecting his niece to poor conditions making Yara feel as vulnerable and defeated than ever. Depending on what has happened to her so far as Euron’s slave, Yara might ask her brother to put her out of her misery so that she doesn’t have to suffer as he did in his “Reek” state.

4. Jon And Daenerys Will Have A Baby
Although Daenseys is Jon’s aunt (by blood), fans have been chomping at the bit about getting these two together. In season 7’s finale, we finally see the two get together as Bran’s voiceover told us how they were related. It’s not uncommon for the Targaryens to want to keep their bloodline pure. If he and Daenerys were to have a baby, it would be the product of ice (Jon) and fire (Daenerys)—possibly shedding a new light on the theory of the Prince Who Was Promised. Besides, after that steamy scene on the boat, Jon and Daenerys having a baby is more than likely.

3. Arya Will Use Jamie’s Face And Kill Cersei
Some fans think Arya will use her skills as No One and traval to King’s Landing, killing Jamie Lannister. When she accomplishes this, she’ll make a mask of his face and impersonate him with it, capture the queen of the Seven Kingdoms while not expecting it, and kill her. Technically speaking, this could fulfill Cersei’s valonquar prophecy, since Arya would be donning Jaime’s face when she kills her, but Jaime wouldn’t betray his sister. Arya would eliminate the “last Lannisters who count” from Westeros. She’d be able to eliminate another name from her famous kill list.

2. Bran Started Game of Thrones
The underlying plot of Game of Thrones arguably kicked off before the series began, thanks to the actions of the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen. One reddit user thinks Bran might have had more to do with him than fans first thought. If you go back to season 6’s “Oathbreaker,” Bran figures out that the people he’s seeing in his visions might be able to hear him. (This could lead him to try to reason with Aerys.)

Though Bran is only trying to help, this theory says that Bran’s voice is actually the voices Aerys heard in his head (the ones which made him paranoid and drove him crazy). Eventually, Jaime Lannister killed him during the sack of King’s Landing to save the city from ruin. Robert Baratheon took the throne, but Aerys’s heirs, Viserys and Daenerys, survived and eventually planned their return. It’s very possible that before he even before he became the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran accidentally caused the events that kicked off Game of Thrones.

1. Jon Snow Will Betray Daenerys
This fan theory might be the saddest ending to Game of Thrones you’ve ever read – so keep in mind, this is just a theory that’s been floating around – there is no confirmation. This theory argues that Jon Snow will be forced to sacrifice Daenerys to become the Prince Who Was Promised and defeat the White Walkers for good.

Legend says that the Prince Who Was Promised will one day pull Lightbringer from the fire once more to complete another hero’s journey. If Jon is, in fact, the Prince Who Was Promised, and if he falls in love with Daenerys and marries her, this would make her his Nissa Nissa. Per the legend of the forging of Lightbringer, Jon would need to sacrifice something he loved in order to create the sword. This sacrifice might be Dany, or one of her dragons (either one could be considered “fire,” after all).

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