Celebs You Didn’t Know Are Father and Daughter

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Everyone has to be related to someone, right? These actresses’ fathers just happen to be famous in their own right. Here is a surprising list of celebs who are father and daughter.


Quincy and Rashida Jones
The highly acclaimed musician and his successful daughter, the actress and screenwriter, have both done very well for themselves. Quincy, a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame winner, has recorded some of the most recognizable music ever with the likes of Michael Jackson (Fun fact: He composed the theme song for Sanford and Son in 30 minutes), while Rashida has scored starring roles in The Office, I Love You, Man, and Parks and Recreation.

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Phil and Lily Collins
While her dad has years of experience in the music business (he was the drummer and lead singer of the prog-rock group Genesis, and has an incredibly successful solo career), Lily Collins is getting away from modeling and diving into the acting world with films such as The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. The two haven’t had the closest relationship in the world, but there’s lots of love and mutual respect there.


Brian and Allison Williams
While American newscaster Brian Williams is still struggling to gain his footing as a television journalist after controversy over his past Dateline reporting of the Iraqi War, his daughter Allison has found plenty of success on the hit HBO series Girls and in the sleeper blockbuster of 2017, Get Out.