7 Reasons Why Cheryl Blossom Is Our Favorite “Riverdale” Redhead

Our favorite CW drama has given us a feisty, well-dressed gift — “Riverdale’s Resident It Girl,” Cheryl Blossom. From snarky remarks to killing with kindness, Cheryl isn’t your typical mean girl and she’s more than someone’s privileged, rich daughter. If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s time to give this girl your love and attention. Cheryl Blossom is truly the best redhead in Riverdale and we have seven reasons to prove it:

7. Independent Woman
In the Archie comics, Cheryl Blossom was introduced as a third love interest for Archie. But thankfully, Riverdale’s creators have made Cheryl much more than an object of affection. They’ve turned her into a strong, independent character free of complicated comic book love triangles… for now, anyway. (Yes, she did kiss Archie, but that was one time!) A young woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind and is more interested in seeking revenge and redemption rather than a romance? Sign us up!

6. Lady in Red
Red is the color of blood and the color of Blossom. Some redheads tend to shy away from a matching bold lip, but Cheryl proves that two different shades make for one solid look. Her matte “maple red” lips and long auburn locks are a match made in heaven. Wearing such a statement comes great power, Cheryl is the only character on the show allowed to flaunt the color. She basically owns red. It’s hers now. And to top it off, actress Madelaine Petsch is a self-proclaimed “hair color virgin,” unlike some people we know…Cough, Archie.

5. A Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Her appearance is not all about one hue. Gowns, brooches, capes, and furs … Dress-up isn’t a game for Ms. Blossom – it’s a lifestyle. While every character has their own signature look, Cheryl confidently struts down the halls of Riverdale High, in full ensembles to die for. From hot pants with bright scarves for drag races or head-to-toe white for a funeral, she’s got an outfit for every occasion and every mood. All looks have been thought out, each with meaning behind them. Like wearing an heirloom spider pin on her chest to symbolize her family living in a web of lies? Maybe we’re thinking too hard on this, but one thing’s for sure, her style might be the only thing she can control in her drama-filled life.

4. Dancing on My Own
An old-fashioned town with drive-in movies (RIP Twilight Drive-In) and teens sharing milkshakes is bound to have a squad cheering on the school football team, but there’s something about the American Apparel repping River Vixens that make it more fun. To quote @CherylBombshell, “Some people say it’s retro, I say it’s eternal and iconic.” Cheryl is the Head Bitch in Charge of the Vixens and rightfully so. She takes the title seriously and carries it with panache. She works best when she’s in control, so let’s let her having this one. Plus, with Petsch coming in with 16 years of dance experience under her belt, she definitely has the moves to bring the heat. Unlike Betty and Veronica trying to wow voters with faux-lesbian kissing.

3. Tear You Apart
“Sorry to interrupt your sad Breakfast Club,” but Cheryl’s savage one-liners are what gif-makers dream of. Can you check Tumblr without seeing an iconic insult from the previous night’s episode in your feed? Thought so. As a true comeback queen, she always knows what to say before we even have time to think it. Cheryl claps back as if she was solely raised on Mean Girls and RuPaul’s Drag Race quotes, giving us cruel and unusual poetry. From addressing Kevin as the blasé “gay best friend” or calling people “hobos” and “ghouls,” the sarcasm oozes from every line. If Riverdale were our kingdom, Cheryl Blossom would be our Queen B.

2. Crazy on You
In the mood for chaos? Those who ask shall receive. The strongest characteristic about Cheryl Blossom is that she’s unpredictable. Much like the syrup from Blossom Maple Farms, Cheryl is sticky and sweet. No one is ever one hundred percent sure which side of Cheryl has come out to play. The naughty side has given us beautiful disasters such as burning down the Thornhill estate and taking control back from her mother. To balance the wild acts, there are good deeds. There are two different versions of Cheryl. She wants to be friendlier, but with a history of family emotional abuse it’s hard to let people in. Deep down, Cheryl does care about her friends and frenemies. Once you’re on her good side, she will look out for you. She respects the strong like Veronica and Josie, and does have everyone’s back in their times of need.

1. Complicated
What seemed like a twin-cestuous relationship with her brother, Jason, in the beginning turned out to be devastating loss and a dramatic first season for Cheryl. She protected his secret, was haunted by his mysterious murder, and the family life she knew went up in flames. So many defense mechanisms, and so many walls have been put up after years of emotional struggle. And having to deal with even more terrible acts in the current second season is giving us a new view of Cheryl and her vulnerability. We’re looking forward to see what’s to come.

It’s exciting to see Cheryl continue to bounce back from whatever insanity is thrown at her time and time again. (According to Riverdale’s Comic-Con panel earlier this year, there’s a surprising love interest coming her way.) We are finally starting to see Cheryl bloom into a true matriarch of the Blossom family and we are here for it. Cheers to the one putting the “itch” in bitch while refusing to be held to a television stereotype!