12 Memorable Musical Moments from “American Horror Story”

American Horror Story has given us amazing soundtracks that turn the show up to an eleven. Whether it be adding edge to the scene or a full blow-out song and dance performance, they’re all memorable and help make the spooky iconic show we know and love.

Theme song aside, here are our top twelve favorite musical moments throughout the scary seven seasons:

12. “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat” – Roanoke, Chapter 4
Artist: The Partridge Family
Many AHS fans have bonded over a severe hatred toward Roanoke, but let’s take pity on the 6th season, shall we? Seeing a beloved 1970s TV family sing a ditty about love before the innocent Chens get murdered is a nice break from the exhausting nonstop terror. I’ll never understand why there wasn’t more music played throughout this season. Such a large, haunted house with updated electronics is begging for a Sonos system to drown out the ghosts.

11. “Hotline Bling” – Hotel, She Gets Revenge
Artist: Drake
Donovan (Matt Bomer) starts taking charge of his own afterlife by seeking revenge and blasting “Hotline Bling.” Complete with Drake-like dance moves, he sways with a drink in one hand and a celebration cigarette in the other. Unfortunately, the moment is a bit short with the lip syncing sesh getting cut short by the Countess. Probably the most topical song choice for 2015, but fun nonetheless.

10. “Twisted Nerve” – Murder House, Throughout Season 
Artist: Bernard Herrman 
Ahh, the sound of Tate’s fantasies and final frontier. Although not a very original one (It’s also featured in Kill Bill and was originally created for 1968’s Twisted Nerve), the creepy tune is insanely catchy. Nobody wants to hear this “The Whistling Song” coming from the halls, however, hearing this earworm will make want to start practicing.

9. “Come As Your Are” – Freak Show, Test of Strength
Artist: Nirvana (Performed by Evan Peters)
It’s no Glee, but Freak Show definitely fell into a musical category. Ryan Murphy stated that he wanted to create a Moulin Rouge inspired “show within a show,” and he hit the nail on the head with this one. However, some of them are better than others. The Nirvana cover isn’t too exciting, but moves the story along via montage and briefly gives Evan Peters rock star status with rock lobster claws making us fans squeal.

8. “Tear You Apart” – Hotel, Checking In
Artist: She Wants Revenge
If someone were to ask, “What’s the best song to play while two gorgeous vampires start an orgy with a mortal couple — only to kill within seconds?” I wouldn’t have had the perfect answer. But thanks to Ryan Murphy, the premiere episode of Hotel gave us a solution. The scene has everything we want from the glamorous undead: bangers, butts, blood, and our introduction to The Countess’s badass killing glove. What a way to kick off a season!

7. “Seven Wonders” – Coven, Seven Wonders
Artist: Stevie Nicks
Nicks had such a lovely time on set of Coven, that she agreed to make a second appearance for the season’s finale. In preparation for the “Seven Wonders” to find our next Supreme, we are treated to a pre-test music video. Intertwining cuts of the girls getting themselves ready and Stevie in true form – wearing a top hat, walking around the New Orleans house in the soft lighting. Our favorite White Witch does pop up again on this list for obvious reasons.

6. “I Swear” – Cult, Winter of Our Discontent
Artist: All-4-One
For better of worse, till death to us part, this AHS: Cult scene will be on everyone’s mind for a while. One might believe that a ’90s slow jam could be too sexy for messiah baby-making, but they’d be wrong. Budding cult leader, Kai Anderson, knows best, and Kai knows how to set the mood for a made-up sex ritual. Did he snag his first kiss at a junior high dance to this track? Did he lose his virginity while it played softly in the background? Whatever it may be, Kai truly believes it will help get the “spiritual journey” (threesome) going. 

5. “Criminal” — Freak Show, Massacres and Matinees
Artist: Fiona Apple (Performed by Sarah Paulson)­
What’s better than one Sarah Paulson? Two Sarah Paulsons, singing in harmony! Conjoined twins, Bette and Dot, headline the show and start to steal attention from the former star and ringleader, Elsa Mars. And with a performance making members of the audience dance and fellow freaks crowd surf, she has the right to be nervous. (According to Murphy, all songs were chosen because they were performed by “people who identified as freaks.”)

4. “You Don’t Own Me” – Asylum, The Origins of Monstrosity
Artist: Lesley Gore (Performed by Lily Rabe)
Having the devil inside you makes break-ups much easier. And nothing says “We’re over, God” like screaming this song at a crucifix. Sister Mary Eunice works the room in a red slip while emancipating herself from Christ. As confident as she looks, Rabe was actually terrified to do the scene. She wore an earbud to drown out the sound of her own voice, but she definitely killed it.

3. “Rhiannon” – Coven, “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks.”
Artist: Stevie Nicks (Performed by Stevie Nicks)
Of course, Stevie makes it high on the list. The episode was named after the performer; She’s a Supreme in her own right! Unlike the previously mentioned “Seven Wonders,” this Stevie Nicks song was performed live on camera. Just Nicks and her piano belting out a beautiful rendition of “Rhiannon” for super fan & swamp witch, Misty Day. After a lovely private concert and a shawl-twirling demonstration, Misty is easily won over. (Never forget that Madison wanted Eminem to perform.)

2. “Life on Mars” – Freak Show, Multiple Episodes
Artist: David Bowie (Performed by Jessica Lange)
Elsa Mars sang several hits throughout the fourth season: Lana Del Rey’s “Gods & Monsters,” Bowie’s “Heroes”, and Kurt Weill’s “September Song,” but the spotlight shined brightest during “Life on Mars”. The song became a Freak Show anthem as she sang it multiple times; Elsa’s thick, German accent belting to virtually empty crowds made us believe it was a “best-selling show.” Plus, the powder blue suit with matching eyeshadow is the perfect homage to the Starman.

1. “The Name Game” – Asylum, The Name Game
Artist: Shirley Ellis (Performed by Jessica Lange)
It comes as no surprise that Jessica Lange also lands the ‘first place’ spot for singing “Lana Bana Bo-Bana.” After begging for a chance to sing and dance, the actress finally received her wish — A shock therapy induced-fantasy complete with choreography. (All hallucinations should have fully choreographed numbers, people!) The routine also takes viewers for a enjoyable, jaunt before returning us to their nightmare reality. Dare I say, this scene turned Lange into an American Horror Story legend?

Did we miss some of your favorites? Let us know!